Equipping believers to
Evangelize the lost and
Establish churches!

Connecting for Training

By Video on a Computer
Go E3 Training Channel on UStream
This includes audio and video. If you use this link, don't call in using the method below.
If this doesn't work for you, please try the phone method below.

By Phone Conference
Dial (712) 432-0075
When prompted, enter code: 432307
Introduce yourself
Important: Once the meeting begins and the greetings are over, you will be directed to press *6. This will mute you. With a number of people on the phone, any background noise on your end can disrupt the meeting, therefore this is a good feature. During some Q&A times, or if you have an urgent question, please press *6 again to unmute your phone and be able to participate in the discussion.
If you have any issues during the meeting, please call Jay at (501) 707-4212.

Play it back later: (712) 432-1085


1. Training Outline Meeting 1

2. The Four Fields Diagram

3. One Verse Evangelism Diagram

4. The Bridge Illustration

Team Leader Resources

1. Simple Start Guides